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I went to visit Evan last night. He's doing REALLY well. His left eye is horribly bloodshot, but he's already able to see out of it even though he had an orbital bone fracture.

They did a surgery Monday to place some mesh to stabilize the bone, and he's wearing a patch to rest the eye, but he can already see out of it, which is pretty awesome only a few days out from an orbital fracture. It's a little blurry, but already improving. His right toe was broken, but they set it and he's not having any pain from it. His recent incision (knee surgery) opened back up in the accident, but no other damage was done to that right knee!

His left hip is fractured in multiple places, and day before yesterday they did another surgery to put in a plate and screws, which was very successful, and yesterday he was able to transfer himself from the bed to the recliner, which was what they were waiting for him to do before allowing him to move to a rehab center, so he should be moving in the next few days as soon as it's all arranged. It was a 100-mile round trip to go see him, so hopefully he'll get moved soon!

He's in pain, but he's a very stubborn kind of guy who has a very strong will, so he's already doing more than they said he could do and he's ready to hit rehab hard!

He explained the accident to us and it was very odd. One of those freak things. He was on a highway going 75-80 (speed limit is 75 even on 2-lane highways here) and a pick-up truck towing an SUV was going the opposite way. The cable let loose on the SUV and it went across the median.

Evan had the choice between hurting other people or just hurting himself, so he stomped on the brakes instead of veering into oncoming traffic or going into the other lane going his way and sideswiping the other vehicles going his way. He didn't have much time to slow down and the SUV heading for him was going pretty fast too, so his car is totaled.

One cool thing about all of this is that he has been having trouble with a pinched nerve in his neck ever since he had the knee surgery. It was causing the right ring and pinkie fingers to go numb and causing pain all throughout the arm and neck. Ryan and I were joking the other day that it would be cool if the accident fixed that, so I asked Evan about it, and would you believe the accident fixed the pinched nerve? He can feel his fingers again and there's no tightness or pain in his arm or neck!

They expect him to be in rehab for a couple weeks, and for a week or two after that they want him to take it easy, but he's claiming he's going to be back to work in 8 days. Stubborn dork :D
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Evan called me from the hospital today. He was in a car accident yesterday. He broken his left orbital bone (the bone around your eyeball), fractured his hip (I can’t remember which one) in multiple places, reopened his recently closed incision on his knee (he had surgery on both knees, the left one more recently), and totalled his car.

His phone was destroyed, so he called me on his girlfriend’s phone and she later sent me pics of the car, which… it looked so awful it made my stomach clench. Head-on collision. Evan was not at fault.

He’ll be in the hospital for a week, will need multiple surgeries, and after that he will go to rehab for a week or two.

His girlfriend was worried I’d kick him out and rent his space out to somebody else, so I reassured her that he’s awesome and there’s no way I would do that.

So not only have we got Ash, who was in that horrific accident last year, and now we have Evan doing major damage, but last weekend Ryan’s girlfriend’s father was killed instantly when a drunk driver (with many previous DUIs) hit him from behind at a stop light going 100 miles per hour, so Ryan and his girlfriend will be busy all week setting up funeral arrangements.

Could my guys please stop getting into accidents? My blood pressure would appreciate it! We’re going up to see Evan tomorrow, and I know Ash was heading up to see him tonight. Evan said he’ll send me “really cool pics” of what happened, which means he thinks what happened to his body looks cool and gory, so he’s going to gleefully send me pics :D

It’ll match the pic Ash’s girlfriend sent me of him in the hospital last year with his hands only attached by some ligaments and his torso open to the air from the top of his sternum to the top of his pubic area.

I don’t need any more for my photo album! My guys can stop getting hurt now, please!!

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