Apr. 20th, 2017

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My mom just sent me this pic via text. My dad forgot to put the van’s hatch down and drove out of the garage with it up. This is the front of our house, and we live in an HOA, which means I gotta fix it quick or I’ll get fined.

I’m letting him use the van to go to Las Vegas (there’s a big race there this weekend and his friends are going too) because he fucked up his truck. His friend, who works at a dealership, told him ONE YEAR AGO that the transmission needed to be flushed, but my dad didn’t feel like spending $250 to do it, so he didn’t and he didn’t tell my mom and I about it either.

The transmission is now fucked up and will need to be placed for $1700.

My dad started whining about how he couldn’t go to Las Vegas with the truck, and even though I don’t think shitty behavior should be rewarded, my mom and I are sick of his stupid face and can’t wait to get him the fuck out of the house, so I told him to take the van.

I’ll have to drive the truck in 2nd gear (3rd gear is blown), but I don’t care if it means my dad will be gone for 4 days.
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I don’t like to brag, but in order to fill you in on everything it’s kinda gonna have to sound like bragging here.

Within the first two years of business, I had put two of the biggest tattoo supply shops in the state out of business.

More recently, we’ve put another three smaller shops out of business and two more that had just opened and were struggling for a few months gave up and closed.

Our current two biggest competitors are struggling at the moment, and one of them has stopped keeping a good backup stock, which is pissing customers off, and they’re coming to me. The other one doesn’t carry nearly as much stuff as I do, and I just started carrying everything they do and also lowered all my prices to undercut them by $0.05 on every single product they sell.

I just learned my biggest online competitor sold the business to someplace called Bunker Hill, and it’s running my competitor into the ground. Bunker Hill is also currently buying out TatSoul, which is the company that makes and sends us our most popular items (and I’m the only one in the state that carries their full line of products). TatSoul is HUGE, and I’m assuming this new company is part of the reason why the TatSoul products have been inferior the last few months.

What does all this mean?

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