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April’s Prompt (Posting Dates 15-18th of April)

@pod7et won March’s Writing Challenge, which means they get to pick the theme for April, and they’ve decided on The Wizard of SPN!
Use the quote “but it wasn’t a dream” somewhere in the fic, and feel free to cram in as many other quotes from The Wizard of Oz as you can. The subject matter can be anything you want! Crossovers are welcome, and any pairings are up for grabs including genfic.

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October’s Prompt (Posting Dates 15-17 of October)

Kraellyk won September’s Writing Challenge, which means she gets to pick the theme for October, and she’d like us all to trick AND treat our readers.

Will it be a fun story that makes them laugh? Makes them smile? Maybe a sexy story that turns them on? It sure seems that way until the surprise twists, turns, or other oddities happen and then they’re scared, disgusted, puzzled, or falling onto the floor laughing, leaving them to wonder what the writer was thinking when they wrote it!

The only requirement for this month’s fic is the title has to be from a horror movie, and it can be any horror movie you want!

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@spncoldesthits One-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

In celebration of SPNColdestHits’ one-year anniversary, your mods are doing a giveaeaway! This will be running Now through November 25th, and we’ll be drawing two winners a week on every Friday starting October 7th for a total of 16 winners!

This is separate from our monthly writing challenge and is both a thank you to our awesome participants and a promo so even more people hear about us and join in on the insanity that is SPNColdestHits.

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spncoldesthits November Battle of Losers!

As of November, @spncoldesthits will have been running for 1 year, which means we’ll have 12 winners, and what better to do in celebration than make them battle it out in an elimination challenge where we crown our Loser of the Year!

All the winners of @spncoldesthits from this past year are invited to write a fic. The theme for November will be you must write a sequel to your winning fic, and it must include one line from your winning fic.

All the previous winners will battle it out as we normally do with hits, comments, and kudos earning you points, and the participant with the least amount of points will be named our Loser of the Year!

Everyone can participate! We’re going to make this even more interesting by pairing up each winner with the runner-up from the month they won, and as a team they will need to do their best to sabotage every other participant in the hopes of helping their team win.

But wait, that’s not all! Anyone who has participated during the last year and anyone else who wants to join in can also help the winner of their choosing by way of promos for their nemeses as well as hits, comments, and kudos for them while actually lowering their score at the same time!

More details below the cut!

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SPNColdestHits' July Prompt (Posting Dates 15-18 of July)

The July prompt is Hashtags. Go to the Tumblr blog @ao3tagoftheday and choose one post from the blog. Use all the tags on that post to create your fic for July. For example Go to This Post where the tags are “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Scene of a Cannibalistic Ritual,” then write your fic based on those tags. You can also use the tags from the post. Please make sure to include those tags in the description of your fic so we know what they were!

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Title: Dean and the Beanstalk
Pairing: underage!Dean/Castiel
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
Word Count: 5.2k
Alternate Link: AO3

Full List of Kinks and/or Warnings: underage sex, fairy tale AU, age difference, dub-con, minor character death, object insertion, starvation, sounding/fisting (kind of), size difference, handjob, coming untouched,

Setting: Fairy Tale AU

Summary: Dean thinks the answer to all their problems is the magic beans he bought from a stranger. He was so sure that he spent all their money on them instead of groceries to feed his family.

A/N: This fic includes underage sex. Dean's about as consenting as a child could be, but he's still a child. This is my entry for May's SPNColdestHits challenge.

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Title: Glitter Dick
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Abaddon, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Ruby
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
Word Count: 1.2k
Alternate Link: AO3

Full List of Kinks and/or Warnings: crack, glitter, AU, fae/fairies, humor, sexual humor, handjob, blowjob, anal sex/fucking, public sex

Setting: AU

Summary: Bobby's on the case, but he really wasn't prepared for this one. He may never recover.

A/N: This is my entry for April's SPNColdestHits. NSFW art is included throughout this fic. All the pieces are screencaps from the show manipped by me and the GIF is from Giphy.

NSFW Art Under the Cut

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