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I just finished reading Hating the Weather by [personal profile] rivkat. IMO, the rec/review I'm about to give has vague enough spoilers that I wouldn't call them spoilers, but if you're worried about such things, this is a thorough rec/review.

Alternate Links: AO3 & Dreamwidth

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this fic is that the author didn't shy away from Dee wanting to be/enjoying the strength of being in a male body.

I've read a lot of genderswap fics where it seemed to me that the author wanted to make a statement about how women are equal to men, and while I think it'd be nice if women could be treated with more respect and that there would be less misogyny and male chauvinism, the truth is that men have superior strength, whether we like it or not, and in the world that Sam and Dean live in, physical strength and size is extremely important.

Rivkat also wrote the fic from Sam's POV, and the majority of genderswap fic I've read is from the genderswapped individual's POV. There were times when I was reading that I wished I could be in Dee's/Dean's head, but the fact that it was from Sam's POV gave the story an edge that I really enjoyed.

The pronoun changes (used in Sam's POV) were jarring at times, but it was how Sam felt, and he was fighting the fact that his sister had changed so hard that he refused to see how well Dee was adapting. Not that Dee was totally enthused about the whole thing and didn't miss her female body, but canon Dean is adaptable to situations whether he likes the situation or not, and I felt this story showed that so well. Sam's refusal to accept that his sister was now male also fit his character in so many ways.

The author weaved canon throughout the fic in a way that impressed me as well. Sometimes things happened according to canon, other times it was slightly tweaked, and sometimes things were just plain different than canon. But I liked that not all the changes were simply for the reason that Dean had grown up female and was now in a male body.

The fic was so smooth in places that the jarring changes and ways that Sam's headspace went really made this fic unique. I almost wish this fic could have been longer and that we could have seen a bit further into the future, but again the ending fit with the rest of the fic in that jarring way that was somehow satisfying and perfect just the way it was.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes genderswap, is okay with Sam/Dean (there's no Sam/Dee, BTW), and would like to read something refreshingly different.


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I finished reading Heart in a Riot by Scyllaya a bit ago. I really enjoyed this fic!

Alternate links are AO3 and Scyllaya's LJ - and there are no major spoilers below, BTW.

There was this huge plot about slaves and the Five Worlds going on (with details, angst, and other fun stuff), but I liked that the focus was Dean and Gabriel. Gabriel wasn't perfect, cheesy, or sweet, but still wanted to do the right thing, and his relationship with Dean showed that without making Gabriel into Mr. Nice Guy who comes in and sweeps the damsel in distress (i.e. Dean) off his feet and saves him.

Dean being mostly in character was refreshing for a slave fic as well. There were differences, which would have to be there because of how he grew up, but it was still pretty much canon Dean, just a bit more submissive out of the need to survive. And as I typed that, I realized that I'd kinda have to say that part isn't even out of character for him. So yeah, forget that last bit about being slightly OOC.

I almost would've liked to have seen more of Castiel and Sam (in a relationship or not), but I can't even complain about that because the focus of the fic being Dean and Gabriel would be lost, and I really liked that, if I hadn't mentioned it.

It's refreshing when a writer can turn a popular character into a slave, yet not make them into a cowering puppy. There are times I enjoy reading cowering puppy fics, but I love sinking my teeth into a fic with strong characters who have gone through shit and survived, who may have issues mental and physical, but they aren't completely broken.

I also appreciate when there are "bad guys" who aren't actually bad once you get down to the root of their reasoning, their lot in life, etc. Raphael and Michael are mentioned in this fic, and they have their place and duties, strengths and weaknesses, and you can see their reasons for what they do without bashing them and thinking they're horrible creatures.

Same thing with Sam and Castiel. The author could have bashed them, made them seem ridiculous and encouraged a hatred of them, but they were doing what they thought was right.

So I'd definitely recommend reading this fic, especially if you like Dean/Gabriel at all.


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I watched the X-Files as it aired, enjoyed the whole thing and the movies. I still love to read X-Files fanfic, though there are quite a few websites that are no longer up and running.

I'm going to give some of my recs, though I'd ask you keep in mind that I tend to like really dark fics, and a few of the authors I'm reccing write a lot of domestic discipline fic.

Some of my favorite authors (I'd rec anything of theirs):
Mort (personal site is down, but can be Wayback'd, and you can also find some fic at FHSArchive
Diana Williams
Kassandra (personal site is down, but can be Wayback'd)

Rec and Link Lists:
LilyCharlotte's Recs
Epic Recs
ScarletFBL's Links
Kinkygrrl's Links
xphilefic Specialized Archive Links
Enigmatic Dr.'s Fanfic Favorites

Even though it may seem overwhelming, a great place to go for fic that has some great search features is Down in the Basement. The site is HUGE, but I've spent plenty of time wandering around on this site!

Also, if you're looking for het pairings, check out The Gossamer Project


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If you haven't heard of Dala, I'd highly recommend checking them out. Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther are a two-piece group from Ontario, Canada.

I'm a sucker for musicians who play acoustic guitar and piano (one or both), and these two can play both. They have beautiful harmony.

I've listened to Horses more times than I can count. I'd love to see them live!

Dala's song Good as Gold was recently used toward the end of Continuum's episode Second Thoughts 2x03, so hopefully they'll get some interested SyFy fans checking them out.


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