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As if I have all the free time in the world these days, I wanted to know approximately how many novels I've read. Well, at least the equivalent of novels.

I added the word count from all the fanfic I've read (and recorded) since late 2008, then divided that by the average number of words in a novel (between 70,000-80,000 so around 75,000 words).

I've read about 410 novels, at least according to word count, which averages out to around 102 novels per year. This includes only fanfic, not the original fiction and nonfiction novels I've read (which I've now started to record as well).

Granted all of this is based off of my bookmarks, which I didn't begin to fully record until 2011. I started back in 2006 to keep more serious bookmarks, after having read quite a significant amount of fanfic in 2004-2006 (due to home circumstances), though I'd been reading fanfic for quite a while before this.

I went with Delicious in 2008, but still I wasn't recording every single thing I read, especially if I didn't like it or if it was a really short fic. I'm sorry I did that now.

When Delicious radically changed in 2011, I spent a huge amount of time changing everything over to Diigo, and it was then that I decided I wanted better records of the things I read. I liked Diigo's feature of letting me know when I was on a page I'd previously bookmarked.

Due to all of the above, my bookmarks are not the best representation of what I've actually read, but it's as close as I can hope to get.

I'm still going through all my bookmarks to update them and also integrate them with Evernote. I didn't start recording word count until 2011, so that makes a big difference too, and I'm slowly fixing that. I've also got a bunch of fanfic files on my PC from 2004-2006 that I'm updating and adding to Diigo and Evernote.

It's still fun to take a look at how much I've read. I was also thrilled to see that I have another 100 million plus words to read.

I comfortably read 275-300 WPM. I can read faster than that and retain things no problem, but I tend to slow down if I'm really enjoying something. When I don't like something, I'll read around 450-600 WPM range. When I'm all excited and reading geeky things like physics on Wikipedia or new technology/computers I'll read faster too.

Using 275 WPM and reading 24/7, it would take me about 260 days to read everything I've recorded but not read yet.

Don't ask how long it took to go through my tags and add all this up. It's sad. But my geekbrain is happy over the whole thing.


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Jun. 12th, 2013 02:17 pm
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I've been in the mood for AtS/BtVS fic lately, so I started re-reading Things Series by Kiristeen.

I've never been all that into Highlander for some reason, but I like fic with Highlander somehow involved, whether it be a fusion or a crossover.

I really like the idea of beings that have been around for hundreds and/or thousands of years, and I like that it opens up the possibility for Xander to live a long life with Spike without having to be turned.

I read Things Series back when it was written and posted, but back then my bookmarking was done completely with my Firefox browser. When I switched computers a few years back due to a failing HDD and motherboard, the newer computer didn't like a lot of what I brought over (Vista OS sucks, if I do say so myself), so I lost a ton of bookmarks.

I've switched computers twice since then (thankfully no longer having Vista OS), and I hadn't found this fic, though I'd searched a few times.

I finally put a search post up at [community profile] bloodclaim a little while ago, and someone found the fic so quickly I was totally blown away!

There are a few other immortal!Xander fics out there, one of which is much more popular than this one, so I figured no one would be able to find it.


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Star Trek

Sep. 29th, 2010 11:58 pm
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Family dinners have usually been eaten while we watch TV together. I remember Star Trek TOS being a part of that when I was very little. My mom saved me the newspaper announcing Star Trek TNG, leaving it out for me to find when I came home from school knowing I'd be excited.

The movies were always something the whole family enjoyed and we geeked together over them. When Star Trek XI came out, we all got excited and all of us really liked it.

I find it odd that it has taken me until July 2010 to read fanfic for Star Trek of any sort and it's all Keira's fault that I read it in the first place.

I have been devouring her SGA fics for quite awhile and especially liked The Ties That Bind. Keira's inspiration was Xanthe's General & Dr. Sheppard 'Verse. I have been a huge fan of Xanthe for years.

Keira recently updated Tangled Destinies at the end of July and I decided to check it out because I have really liked everything she has written, including The Awakening which is a Sentinel fic.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading Tangled Destinies, even more than Keira's writing could account for and so I started to search LJ for more.

I found [ profile] kyliselle's Master Fic List. She doesn't have a ton, but I liked it. Also right now I'm reading So Wise We Grow by [ profile] captanddeastar and it is very cute so far.

I am just starting to explore this fandom, but I'm already enjoying it a lot. I get a kick out of telepathy fics and always loved the claiming aspect of AtS/BtVS fics, so I really should have checked out Star Trek fic a long time ago, especially considering the size of this fandom, but I'm excited to dive into it all.


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