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AllSPNShips is here to support Supernatural fanfic + RPF writers. We are ship friendly. Here for writing advice, Big Bang news, prompts for writers, fic recs and promoting writers’ work.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a new or established fanfic writer, or never written a fanfic before, ship a rare pair, write reader-inserts or love Gen fic: ASS is here for you.

Our ask and submissions are open.

We don’t rec or promote fanfic that includes persons under the age of 16 in sexual situations - this raises to 18 for RPF/RPS.

Your mods are @dreamsfromthebunker and @mayalaen.

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What the heck is a Mega Bang?

A 100k-word fanfic writing challenge (with a 50k “big” bang option).

What ship can I write?

That’s the kicker – you can write anything. Gen, ace/aro, slash, femslash, het, poly… Seriously, anything.

Are crossovers allowed?

Yes, so long as the focus remains on whichever Supernatural characters you choose to write about.

Awesome! When can I sign up?

Signups begin September 3rd! (Full schedule HERE)

I’m an artist: how many pieces do I have to make?

A minimum of three pieces will be required for a Big Bang, and a minimum of four for a Mega Bang.

What am I allowed to make?

Anything you want! Fanart, manips, gifsets, graphics, playlists, fanvids, etc.

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