Tails of a Demi-Demon and his Doms

Sep. 23rd, 2017 05:31 pm
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Title:Tails of a Demi-Demon and his Doms (AO3)
Author: @justanothersaltandburn  
Artwork: Here
Artist: @crowleykoh85  
Beta: the amazing @ilikaicalie  
Rating: Explicit 
Word Count: ~7.3k 
Pairings: Wincestiel (Cas/Dean/Sam)
Warnings: bottom!Dean, BDSM, D/s relationship, implied top!Sam, implied top!Cas, tail kink, demon!Dean, demi-demon!Dean, angst, smut, sub!Dean, Dom!Cas, Dom!Sam, polyamory, oral sex, anal penetration, light fluff
Summary: The cure failed and Dean is stuck in a strange limbo between demon and human (demi-demon). Everything is going fine, until one day he wakes up having grown a tail and horns. Ashamed of his outward demonic appearance, Dean lashes out. Sam and Cas will do everything they can to show their partner and submissive that they’ll always care for him, no matter what.
A/N: Inspired by a request from @samanddeaninpanties 


Having a demon for a brother made life interesting. Now, having a demon for a brother and a lover – that was a nightmare waiting to happen.

It had been a little over a year since Sam tried to cure Dean. It had failed, but not completely. Dean was still a demon – still had most of the powers. He was a new kind of thing, half human, half demon. Most importantly, he had human emotions again. All of them – not just pleasure and lust and hunger. Now he could feel love and pain and peace and guilt. He didn’t want to hurt people anymore.

OTW Guest Post: Henry Jenkins

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:06 am
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Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

“News of the OTW bubbled up from many directions at once, most likely through my associations with Escapade, but also through an academic colleague whose partner at the time was involved. I was so excited to hear about the emergence of this fan advocacy network which brought together fannish lawyers willing to help protect our fair use rights as fans; fan scholars publishing their work through a peer-reviewed journal; fan programmers using their skills in support of the community; and of course, an archive where fans controlled what happened to their own works without the interference of web 2.0 interests.

Each of these things is important on its own terms, but taken together, this organization has been a transformative force, in all senses of the words, for fans and their rights to participate.”

For our anniversary Henry Jenkins talks fan studies, students, fandom changes over the years & why it's worth fighting for: http://goo.gl/fm19m5

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Sep. 20th, 2017 10:57 am
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Title: Marker

Story by: wearingdeantoprom

Art by: dreamsfromthebunker

Pairings: Dean/Sam, Dean/Sam/Cas, Castiel/Claire Novak

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Consensual Underage Sex, Implied/Referenced Non-Con, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Minor Character Death

Summary: Castiel is one of the best contracted killers that works under The Continental. That is, He is the best when the Winchester brothers don’t get in his way. After a particularly bad run in with them, Castiel learns that he is bound to do a job for them. A job that will apparently earn him quite the reward.

Link to fic

Link to art

25 Things to Know About the OTW

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:06 am
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OTW 10th anniversary history

We've been around a while now, so as part of celebrating our 10th anniversary here are 25 things to know about the OTW! https://goo.gl/FuuMWS

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A Rose By Any Other Name

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:08 pm
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Title: A Rose By Any Other Name

Story by: @majesticduxk

Art by: @angerprobfemme

Pairings: pre wincestiel

Rating: M

Word Count: 16881

Warnings: d/s verse, misunderstandings, lawyer!Sam, lawyer!Cas, sub!Dean, swearing, fantasies, daydreaming, explicit sexual fantasies, multiple POV, pre slash, humour

Summary: Sam dreams of having a sub to hold in his arms while watches TV, to snuggle up to at night, and to pull down over his knee for no reason at all, expect to turn their bottom a beautiful shade of red. Of course it’s hard to meet anyone except work colleagues, and his law office is particularly conservative. But then one day, somehow, a wonderful bright eyed and messy haired sub walks through the door, and he’s smitten. But maybe he fell too soon.

Link to Fic

Link to Art

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