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April’s Prompt (Posting Dates 15-18th of April)

@pod7et won March’s Writing Challenge, which means they get to pick the theme for April, and they’ve decided on The Wizard of SPN!
Use the quote “but it wasn’t a dream” somewhere in the fic, and feel free to cram in as many other quotes from The Wizard of Oz as you can. The subject matter can be anything you want! Crossovers are welcome, and any pairings are up for grabs including genfic.

All times are PDT/PST/GMT-7. Click Here for the current time.

Posting Dates April 15-18th at 11:59pm
Challenge End April 22nd at 11:59pm

How to Play:

  1. post a fic to AO3 (include it in the spncoldesthits collection on AO3)
  2. reblog this post with an AO3 link to your fic

The Rules:

  • New Rule: Comments don’t count toward points, neither will kudos from pseud accounts.
  • No mention of spncoldesthits in the summary, top notes, or tags.
  • If you’d like to explain yourself, add a link back to this post in your end notes and tell your readers what on earth you were doing when you wrote the fic.
  • Any word count/pairing/scenario is allowed but it must be Supernatural (crossovers and fusions are allowed).
  • Post sometime between April 15-18th (late posts won’t count).
  • Add your fic to the spncoldesthits collection on AO3 (if you need help doing this just ask a mod).

How a Winner Will Be Picked:

  • every hit earns 1 point, every kudos 10 points
  • promo with #spncoldesthitspromo earns -10 points (limit 1 per site outside of Tumblr, on Tumblr only the first promo will count, and please promo responsibly)
  • fic review with #spncoldesthitspromo earns -10 points
  • liveblogging with #spncoldesthitspromoearns -10 points
  • banners and other artwork/manips with #spncoldesthitspromo will earn -20 (limit of 1 piece of art per category per fic, for example you can make 3 banners and/or 2 icons, but only 1 banner and 1 icon will count)
  • podfic/vlogging with #spncoldesthitspromo will earn -20
  • writer with the LEAST points wins and will be announced sometime after the challenge ends 11:59pm on April 22nd.
PLEASE NOTE: It’ll be your responsibility to tag @spncoldesthits with any promos you do and/or send us a link to your promos off-site since the hashtag system on Tumblr is shitty.
It’s also your responsibility to play nice. Using fake accounts, badgering people, or otherwise being an ass will earn you extra points at the mods’ discretion (and pure evil joy), so be good, please!

Good luck and have fun!

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